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Northwest Pharmacy is a leading pharmaceutical company founded in 1992. This company immediately took a leading position in the pharmaceutical market and today is one of the most successful companies in this industry. In this article, we will look at the core principles of Northwest Pharma, their products and achievements in this area.

History of Northwest Pharm

The company was founded in 1992, when there were no incentives for the development of pharmaceuticals in Canada. The founders of Northwest Pharma decided to change that by creating their own pharmaceutical company.

Organizational structure of the company

Canada Northwest Pharmacy has a well-developed organizational structure that ensures high quality products. The company has a modern research and development complex and is engaged in the production of pharmaceuticals.

How Northwest Pharma works

The company develops and manufactures high-quality and effective medicines that help people stay healthy and fight various diseases. In the course of work Northwest Pharma uses the most modern technologies and advanced production methods.

Northwest Pharmacy online Products

The company manufactures a wide range of medical products, including flu medicines, antibiotics, vitamins, antiallergic drugs, drugs for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and much more.

Product quality

Our NorthwestPharm guarantees the high quality of its products, manufactured using modern technologies and meeting all international quality standards. The company also undergoes regular inspections and certification.

Customer focus

The company is fully focused on the needs of its customers and is constantly working to improve the quality of products and services. Northwest Pharmacy is becoming more and more popular among patients and medical professionals due to the high quality of the products offered and the excellent service.


Northwest Pharma is constantly working to develop new and improve existing medicines. The company invests in research and development activities and cooperates with the world's leading scientists and medical centers.

Northwest Pharmacy Achievements

The company has received many awards and recognitions for its activities in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, Northwest Pharma was recognized as the best pharmaceutical company in the World.

Social responsibility

Northwest Pharma is northwestpharmacy com committed to the well-being of society and works to solve social problems. The company participates in various charitable programs and provides assistance to those in need.


Northwest Pharmacy Canada is a successful and dynamic pharmaceutical company that delivers quality products and services. It is customer-focused, invests in research and development, and cares about the well-being of society. The company continues to keep up with the times and remain one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the United States, Canada, and Australia.


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